New Driving License Rules in India: Skip RTO Visits for Tests Starting June 1st!

New Driving License Rules in India: Skip RTO Visits for Tests Starting June 1st!

New Delhi. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced new regulations for obtaining a driving license in India, which will come into effect on June 1, 2024. These changes aim to streamline the process and provide greater convenience to aspiring drivers.

Fees and Charges

Learner's License: Rs 150, with an additional Rs 50 for the test or retest.
Driving Examination: Rs 300 for the test or retest.
Driving License Issuance: Rs 200, with an International Driving Permit costing Rs 1,000.
Adding Vehicle Class: Rs 500.
Hazardous Goods Vehicles: Rs 200 for endorsement or renewal of authorization.
Renewing Driving License: Rs 200, escalating to Rs 300 if renewed after the grace period, plus Rs 1,000 per year beyond the grace period.
Driving Schools: Rs 5,000 for issuing or renewing licenses without providing requisite training, and the same fee for obtaining a duplicate license.
Appeals and Modifications: Rs 500 for filing appeals against licensing authority orders and Rs 200 for modifying address or other particulars on a driving license.
These new regulations aim to make the process of obtaining a driving license more efficient and accessible while enforcing stricter penalties for violations to ensure road safety.

Private Driving Schools to Conduct Tests

One of the significant changes is that individuals will now have the option to take their driving tests at authorised private driving schools instead of government Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). These private institutions will be certified to conduct driving tests and issue the necessary certificates required for obtaining a driving license. This move is expected to reduce the burden on RTOs and make the licensing process faster and more accessible.

Changes Effective from June 1

Elimination of Mandatory RTO Testing: The requirement to take driving tests exclusively at RTOs will be abolished. Applicants can choose to take the test at the nearest certified private driving school.
Increased Fines for Violations: Driving without a valid license will incur higher fines, increasing from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000. Parents of minors caught driving will face a fine of Rs 25,000, and the vehicle's registration certificate will be cancelled.
Simplified Documentation: The documentation process for obtaining a driving license will be simplified, with the Ministry informing applicants in advance about the required documents.
Environmental Measures: The Ministry plans to phase out 9,000 old government vehicles and improve emission standards to promote sustainability.
Application Process
The application process for a driving license will remain the same, with options to apply online through the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways or manually at the respective RTOs.

Private Driving School Regulations

Land Requirement: A minimum of 1 acre of land for two-wheeler training and 2 acres for four-wheeler training is required to open a driving school.
Testing Facilities: Driving schools must provide appropriate testing facilities.
Instructor Qualifications: Instructors must have a high school diploma (or equivalent), at least 5 years of driving experience, and familiarity with biometrics and IT systems.


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