Yamaha Aerox 155 S Zooms In: Smart Key Convenience Meets Proven Performance

Yamaha Aerox 155 S Zooms In: Smart Key Convenience Meets Proven Performance

Auto Desk, New Delhi: Yamaha Motor India revs up the scooter segment with the feature-rich Aerox 155 S. This premium variant of the popular Aerox 155 boasts a keyless ignition system and a plethora of technological advancements, catering to both convenience and performance-oriented riders.

Effortless control with smart key technology

The Aerox 155 S takes center stage with its "Extra Smart Key." This eliminates the need for a traditional key, offering a seamless riding experience. Proximity detection allows the scooter to recognize the key fob nearby. Riders simply need to turn a knob for ignition, making those early morning commutes a breeze.

Additionally, Yamaha has incorporated a buzzer sound and flashing indicators for enhanced security and easier scooter location in packed parking spaces.

Beyond just smart key

While the Smart Key is a standout feature, the Aerox 155 S offers more. It boasts a traction control system (TCS), a feature not commonly found in scooters. This system ensures greater stability and control on slippery roads, making the Aerox 155 S a more performance-oriented option for scooter enthusiasts.

Targeted availability and competitive price

The Aerox 155 S will be available exclusively at Blue Square showrooms across India in two captivating color options: Silver and Racing Blue. Its price tag of Rs 1,50,600 (ex-showroom, Delhi) positions it competitively in the premium scooter segment.

Modern conveniences at your fingertips

Staying connected on the go is effortless with Yamaha's Y-Connect app, which pairs with the Aerox 155 S via Bluetooth. Riders can access various functionalities like real-time vehicle information and phone notifications. A 12V charging socket in the front pocket keeps your mobile devices powered up, while a spacious 24.5-liter under-seat storage compartment provides ample room for essentials.

Proven performance for thrilling rides

Powering the Aerox 155 S is a familiar Yamaha workhorse – a 155cc liquid-cooled engine. Tuned specifically for scooter use (based on the engine found in the YZF-R15 and MT-15), it delivers a healthy 14.8 bhp of peak power at 8,000 rpm and 13.9 Nm of peak torque at 6,500 rpm. This combination promises a thrilling ride, making the Aerox 155 S an exciting option for those seeking both practicality and performance.


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