Fly Together, Fly Comfortably: IndiGo's New Feature Lets Women Choose Seats Next to Other Women

Fly Together, Fly Comfortably: IndiGo's New Feature Lets Women Choose Seats Next to Other Women

New Delhi. Indigo’s female passengers will now be able to choose to sit adjacent to another female passenger. According to the recent move, female flyers while booking can now see pre-booked seats by the other female flyers at the time of web check-in and select their seats accordingly. The move has been taken by the air carrier to provide female passengers more comfortable and safe traveling experience.

“It is specifically tailored to PNRs with women travelers, solo as well as part of family bookings.… (this is) currently in pilot mode aligning with our ‘girl power’ ethos,” the airline said in a statement, as quoted by Time of India.

It is worth noting that the move by the airline has come after multiple incidents targeting female passengers on flights. One such event was reported when a male passenger urinated on a fellow passenger on an Air India flight, last year. Another similar incident came to light when a professor sexually assaulted a female doctor on Indigo flight.

Empowering Choice

This feature offers women the ability to select a seat based on their personal preference. It  can be particularly beneficial for solo female flyers who might feel more comfortable seated next to another woman, especially on long journeys.

Simple Opt-In

IndiGo's system seamlessly integrates this option during the seat selection process.  Women can choose the "Women Preferred Seat" option while booking their flight, ensuring they are placed next to another female passenger whenever possible.

Appreciated Initiative

This move by IndiGo has been met with positive reactions.  Many passengers have lauded the airline for prioritizing the comfort and well-being of women flyers. It acknowledges the importance of creating a safe and secure travel environment.

Looking Ahead

While IndiGo's new feature is a commendable step, it's important to note that  seat availability  can  limit its reach. However, it paves the way for a more inclusive and passenger-centric approach to air travel.

IndiGo's initiative highlights the growing focus on passenger comfort and safety, particularly for women flyers. This feature empowers women to make informed choices and fosters a more comfortable travel experience.


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