Now UPI Lite Wallet will be equipped with automatic recharge!

Now UPI Lite Wallet will be equipped with automatic recharge!

New Delhi. Till now there was a hassle of recharging UPI Lite Wallet again and again. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced a new, beneficial feature for UPI Lite Wallet.

Under this new feature, the amount in your UPI Lite Wallet will automatically be added to your bank account if your wallet balance goes below the limit set by you.

UPI Lite is even more convenient for instant payments without a PIN

Launched in September 2022, UPI Lite was aimed at making transactions through UPI even easier. This service has been started on many platforms.

Its specialty is that you can easily make payments without entering a PIN or any other information. That is, you can make payments through UPI Lite even in less time. Now a new feature is going to be added to make it even more convenient.

What are the expectations regarding UPI Lite in the future

With the auto-recharge feature, UPI Lite will become even more convenient, especially for those who forget to recharge their wallet frequently.

This feature will make both online and offline payments easier. It is expected that more features will be added in the coming time, making UPI Lite the most preferred method of digital payment.

What will be the benefit of auto-recharge

To promote UPI Lite, RBI has announced several changes in it. RBI said that it is proposed to bring it under the purview of e-mandate. This will start a new facility for the customers and will make transactions even easier.

RBI said that there is a plan to add an automatic feature to it. Under this, if someone’s wallet balance goes below the limit set by you, the UPI Lite wallet will be automatically filled with money.


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