UPI Lite: Enables Small Transactions on UPI Without a PIN

UPI Lite: Enables Small Transactions on UPI Without a PIN

New Delhi. UPI is becoming very popular in India today. Today, every person makes most of their payments through UPI. RBI has taken a big step to make the UPI payment system even easier. UPI is used everywhere. Keeping this in mind, RBI has added a new feature to UPI which has been named UPI Lite.

What is UPI Lite

Today, even the smallest person knows about UPI payment and how it works. It has been seen many times that whenever you make a payment, you have to enter your UPI PIN at the end to complete any transaction.

Sometimes you face difficulties in doing this. This UPI Lite is the solution to that problem. To use UPI Lite, you do not need to download any separate app because UPI companies have started their facility in their UPI app itself.

How to use it

UPI Lite is a simple way using which you can easily do all your work. To use it, you have to activate UPI Lite in your UPI payment app. After this, you have to add some money to UPI Lite. It is like a wallet in which you can always add some money and keep it.

Once you add money to UPI Lite, your new UPI Lite is ready to make any transaction. All you have to do is scan any barcode to make a payment and apply for payment.

You do not need to enter your PIN in this. As soon as you select UPI Lite and submit, your payment will be completed, that too without entering the PIN.

Where did UPI Lite start

UPI Lite was started by RBI in the year 2022. Its main objective was to make your transaction easier. In UPI Lite, you get very good features so that you can make payments while keeping your payment safe. If you want to use your UPI Lite, then you will be able to use it by just updating your UPI payment app.


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