Baahubali Expands! SS Rajamouli Announces Animated Series 'Crown of Blood'

Baahubali Expands! SS Rajamouli Announces Animated Series 'Crown of Blood'

New Delhi. Fans of the epic Baahubali are in for a treat as filmmaker SS Rajamouli recently released the trailer of his upcoming animated series based on the series. At the ‘Baahubali: Blood Crown’ event in Hyderabad, Mr. Rajamouli shared his vision to expand the ‘Baahubali’ universe across various mediums.

Speaking at a pre-launch event at AMB Cinemas, Mr. Rajamouli emphasized the need to explore different storytelling platforms beyond traditional cinema. The India Today report highlights a trend in the West where successful brands are often foraying into multimedia ventures. This goes against India’s desire to continue to be successful in the film world.

Rajamouli outlined the team’s previous efforts, including forays into gaming, virtual reality and series production, but acknowledged that those efforts fell short of expectations. However, Rajamouli expressed optimism about expanding the series by producing an animated series directed by creator Sharad Dwarjan.

During the event, Rajamouli also shared insights into his journey as a filmmaker and spoke about his passion to explore new avenues with his upcoming projects. He recalled previous films such as “Iga” that contained animated elements and his interactions with Disney experts that helped hone his expertise in the field for this upcoming series.

Shobo Yarlagada, the producer of Baahubali, also stressed that the series has the potential to go beyond a film and become an entertainment phenomenon in various forms. Yarlagada emphasized that Baahubali is not just a film but depicts an inclusive world that aims to attract audiences of all age groups.

Although the animated series is primarily considered a children’s entertainment genre, it is expected to provide an immersive experience for all ages, similar to the original film series.

The animated series is scheduled to air on Disney+ Hotstar on May 17 in multiple languages.


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