Bollywood Clash: Actor Regrets "Kabir Singh," Director Fires Back

Bollywood Clash: Actor Regrets "Kabir Singh," Director Fires Back

New Delhi. Actor Adil Hussain, who is known for working in Life of Pi among other acclaimed projects, recently appeared on a podcast where he spoke about regretting working in director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Kabir Singh.

Now, director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has slammed the Bollywood actor on social media. He wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “Ur ‘belief’ in 30 art films didn’t get as much fame to u as ur ‘regret’ of 1 BLOCKBUSTER film did I regret casting u,knwing that ur greed is bigger than ur passion. NOW I’ll save U from the shame by replacing Ur face with AI help Now smile properly.”

On the AP Podcast, Adil Hussain said he wasn’t aware what Kabir Singh was about. “That’s the only film in my life that I have done without reading the script, without seeing the movie which it is based on. I told my manager; ask them lot of money and they will say no but they agreed so I went and did it.

I worked for a day and I liked the scene. The scene I did is a good scene so I thought the film is also going to be good. So, I go to watch the film and I thought what am I doing here? You have no idea how I felt. I felt so embarrassed,” stated the English Vinglish actor.

He went on to say that he and his friend walked out of the theatre and could not watch the film. “I thought my wife would very angry if she knew I had worked in the film. I think a film like this, it celebrates something which is not beneficial for the society. It legitimizes male misogyny. It legitimizes violence against anybody for that matter, doesn’t have to be a woman. And it celebrates it, it glorifies it and it should not be glorified,” explained Adil.

Kabir Singh was the official remake of Sandeep’s hit Telugu film, Arjun Reddy, and it became one of the biggest hits in 2019. It was also Shahid Kapoor’s biggest blockbuster of his career. Sandeep’s film Animal also opened to mixed reviews in 2023.


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