Childhood unrecognizable! Hrithik Roshan & John Abraham In Throwback School Pic

Childhood unrecognizable! Hrithik Roshan & John Abraham In Throwback School Pic

New Delhi. A recently unearthed school photograph featuring Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham from their days at Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai, has gone viral. This picture is a delightful throwback that shows both actors during their school days, marking an early chapter in their long and illustrious careers.

The photograph reveals Hrithik and John as schoolboys, where they were classmates. The school picture not only offers a glimpse into the early lives of these now-famous actors but also underscores how they have come from their humble beginnings, growing into icons of the Indian film industry.

Where you can see them in photo?

In this school class photo, young Hrithik is standing in the second row from the top, on the left hand side. Young John Abraham is also seen in the line ahead of him, on the left hand side.

Social media people are becoming very fascinated to know that both these Bollywood stars were batchmates in school. One user wrote in the comment, 'The audience will enjoy watching these two in a complete film.' Another user pointed out, 'Jim and Kabir before joining the spy universe.'

Work front

Apart from Dhoom Universe, Hrithik and Kabir are also a part of Yash Raj Films' Spy Universe. The story of these two characters - Kabir and Jim, is running parallel in this universe. Hrithik, who played the role of Kabir in 'War', will soon be seen in 'War 2' with Jr NTR.

Whereas John played the role of the villain, Jim, in Shahrukh Khan's film 'Pathan'. It has already been made clear in the story of this universe that Kabir and Jim are old good friends. Now after this old photo has surfaced, this angle of the film's story has turned into a fact that Hrithik-John are really old friends.

What's in viral picture? 

A picture of an old class of Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai is going viral on social media. In this photo, two school children are seen together, who would later become two big stars of Bollywood, perhaps no one would have thought that then.

Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham are in this picture. And these days the social media public is tripping over the fact that Hrithik and John were batchmates in school.


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