'Ranneeti: Balakot and Beyond’ climax shot inside Serbian parliament, says director Santosh Singh

'Ranneeti: Balakot and Beyond’ climax shot inside Serbian parliament, says director Santosh Singh

Entertainment News: As the anticipation builds for the release of the action-packed series Ranneeti: Balakot and Beyond, Director Santosh Singh offers a captivating glimpse into the behind-the-scenes challenges and triumphs that shaped this ambitious project.

Starring a stellar ensemble cast including Jimmy Shergill, Lara Dutta, Ashutosh Rana, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Prasanna, and produced by Sphire Origins, the series is poised to captivate audiences when it premieres on April 25th, exclusively on Jio Cinemas.

Now, Director Santosh Singh provides insights into the arduous yet exhilarating journey of bringing Ranneeti: Balakot and Beyond to life. One of the most striking aspects of the series is its breathtaking action sequences, which posed a myriad of challenges during filming.

"A good chunk of shoot has been done in Serbia. We shot around 20-25 days in Serbia and it was all over the place. They are very welcoming when it comes to shooting," Director Santosh Singh shared.

"We shot extensively on all the military bases, on the air bases, we shot in the state prison, infact, we shot our climax in the Serbian parliament. We wanted an international looking location for this big international council meet where India and Pakistan are debating each other out," Director Santosh Singh elaborated. The Serbian parliament offered the perfect backdrop, lending authenticity to the narrative.

"We were talking to them where can we shoot them and they offered their parliament.  It was so amazing, it looks real and so authentic. It all seems correct in that sense, they really helped us out," Director Santosh Singh recounted.

Director Santosh further revealed, "Serbia is a very small country and as soon as it takes off the aircraft is going into different countries airspace. We have to inform 7 countries around Serbia that there is a shoot happening and there will be planes flying which are not scheduled so please do not shoot any plane down. It was a big thing, there was always a fear that what if an unscheduled plane flies and gets shot"

"The other interesting part was shooting in the Serbian air base because we were shooting with the real jets, their pilots were dressed as Indian air force officers and they were flying the planes. It was such a huge planning that went behind shooting the air force was something we need to talk about," Director Santosh Singh emphasized.

"It was very difficult to plan and execute the shoot. Talking about the army bases, we shot 50 real tanks which we got from the Serbian army. Again the Serbian army people were dressed as Indian army people and running and doing all the drills that were needed, driving the tanks, fighting the tanks," Santosh recalled.

"It was very surreal and very overwhelming and great experience," Director Santosh Singh expressed gratitude for the support and cooperation received from the Serbian authorities and military personnel, encapsulating the spirit of collaboration that defined the making of Ranneeti: Balakot and Beyond.

As audiences await the premiere of the series, they can look forward to an adrenaline-fueled journey that seamlessly blends action, intrigue, and international diplomacy. With Director Santosh Singh at the helm, Ranneeti: Balakot and Beyond promises to be a riveting cinematic experience that transcends borders and captivates viewers worldwide.


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