Police Arrest Four Allegedly Tied to Lawrence Bishnoi Gang After Threat to Salman Khan

Police Arrest Four Allegedly Tied to Lawrence Bishnoi Gang After Threat to Salman Khan

New Delhi. The Panvel Police of Navi Mumbai have arrested four members of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Police claim had planned to attack Salman Khan's car in Panvel. According to sources, there was a plan to procure weapons from a Pakistani arms supplier for this purpose.

Navi Mumbai Police have registered an FIR in this case and arrested the suspects. However, the development comes months after two bike-borne men fired multiple rounds outside Khan's Galaxy Apartments in Mumbai's Bandra on April 14. 

4 members of Lawrence Bishnoi arrested

According to police sources, they received information that jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, along with his Canada-based cousin Anmol Bishnoi and associate Goldie Brar, had purchased ammunition, including AK-47, M-16, and AK-92 rifles, from a Pakistani arms dealer. A conspiracy had been hatched to kill actor Salman Khan using these sophisticated weapons.

The plan was reportedly prepared by the arrested criminals and the gang. Their objective was to either stop Salman Khan's car or attack his farmhouse. Sources also indicated that the Lawrence Bishnoi gang had devised this plan a month before the arrest of two shooters for firing outside actor Salman Khan's house.

Police have registered a case

An FIR has been registered with the police under sections 115, 120(B), and 506(2) of the IPC. In this FIR, police have named Lawrence Bishnoi, Anmol Bishnoi, Sampat Nehra, Goldie Brar, Ajay Kashyap alias Dhananjay Tapesingh, Rocky Shooter, Satish Kumar, Sukha Shooter, Sandeep Bishnoi alias Gaurav Bhatia, Rohit Godhra, Wasim Cheena, Dogar, Sintu Kumar, Vishal Kumar, Sandeep Singh, Riyaz alias Chandu, Kamlesh Shah, and others as accused.

Accused were identified as 

Navi Mumbai Police stated that, acting on intelligence, they have so far arrested four people and are investigating the plan to attack actor Salman Khan. The arrested criminals have been identified as Dhananjay Singh, Gaurav Bhatia, Waspi Khan, and Jhishan Khan.


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