Daily Mascara: The Pros and Cons for Your Lashes

Daily Mascara: The Pros and Cons for Your Lashes

Health Desk, New Delhi. We all love mascara! Agree, ladies? This makeup product is a blessing for women who are not blessed with thick eyelashes. Mascara gives more grace to the makeup look. It makes the eyes look beautiful.

With its help the eyelashes appear thick. This is one such eye makeup product which every woman has. Mascaras indeed transform our look and make our eyelashes look darker and fuller. However, do you apply it everyday? Well, just like every product comes with its pros and cons, mascara too has some. Let's take you through some reasons why you should not be using it everyday.

Burning sensation in eyes

Many times, more mascara is applied than required, which gets into the eyes. Due to this, there may be problem of burning sensation in the eyes. This may also cause redness or itching in your eyes. Therefore do not apply too much mascara.


Not everyone is allergic to mascara. But many people may complain of allergies after applying mascara. Allergies may cause redness, swelling or rashes around the eyes. Many types of chemicals are used in mascara, which cause allergies.

Mascara makes your eyelashes weak

Applying mascara can cause the most damage to the eyelashes. When mascara is removed from the eyelashes, force is applied to remove it. In such a situation, there is a risk of eyelashes breaking. Therefore, do not apply mascara on the same place too many times. Due to this there is also a fear of the eyelashes breaking.

It can dry out your eyelashes

Sometimes mascara can cause dry eye syndrome. This is because the ingredients present in mascara can increase the problem of dry eyes by blocking the meibomian glands. In this situation, stop using mascara and consult an eye expert.


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