Is Your Hair Wash Routine a Washout? Get Maximum Results with These Tips!

Is Your Hair Wash Routine a Washout? Get Maximum Results with These Tips!

New Delhi. Washing our hair is something we do all the time, but rarely think about it. Yet, we spend so much time styling. If you feel your hair is a little oily or frizzy these days and arenot sure why, it could be because you are not washing your hair the right way.

People use different types of shampoos to wash hair. Washing hair with shampoo keeps it clean and also nourishes it. Whenever we look at social media, we come across many hacks related to washing hair. Many of these hacks also tell you different ways of washing hair. Recently an expert has claimed that most people make mistakes in washing their hair.

Never shampoo twice a day

Never shampoo twice a day. Cleaning your hair too much will eventually strip it of its natural oils and can damage it over time or cause your scalp to produce excessive sebum (which then causes dandruff and oily hair).

How to do for double cleansing? 

Double shampooing is to be done only on the scalp and not on the hair. Afterwards, use a hair mask or conditioner on your scalp for soft, hydrated hair. Double shampooing is not necessary for everyone. People who suffer from dry scalp, dandruff or any kind of irritation need deep cleaning because not doing so can destroy the natural oil present in the hair roots.

All hair types can benefit from double shampooing from time to time (or as needed). Anyone who washes their hair once a week will benefit from double shampoo. Anyone who washes their hair daily or every other day does not need to double shampoo. It depends on how often you wash your hair, not what type of hair you have.

First, wet your hair thoroughly, pour a small amount of shampoo into the palms of your hands and apply it to your roots. Then use your fingers to massage the head for about 60 seconds and then gently apply shampoo to the hair. Wet hair is weak so do not pull it. Then wash them with water. Repeat the same process again.

What is correct way to wash hair? 

To keep hair clean for a long time, shampoo should be done twice. Double shampooing or double cleansing gives you a deeper clean which can be beneficial. If your hair has dandruff, it requires extra washing to remove it, so shampoo twice. The first shampoo removes the dirt accumulated in your head and the second shampoo makes the head clean.


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