Morning or Night? Unveiling the Face Washing Mystery

Morning or Night? Unveiling the Face Washing Mystery

Health Desk. Washing our hands is something that we do on a daily basis considering the amount of times they touch different surfaces and are exposed to a host of chemicals and toxins. But what about washing our face?

People use different types of skin care products to get spotless glowing skin. There are two types of skin care: day skin care and night skin care. There is not much difference between these two routines, the only difference is in some skin care products. So, what is the perfect time for using facewash.

For glowing skin 

For glowing skin, some people say that one should wash face two to three times a day. According to one theory, frequent face washing destroys the natural oils of the face and the skin becomes dry. 

How many times should you actually wash your face? 

Different people have different ways of thinking about how face wash impacts their skin and skin care habits. So, you should wash your face two times a day. The idea is to wash your face once in the morning and once at night to allow your face to be free of any and all bacterial buildup.

What is the right time for face wash?

Using face wash in the morning makes the skin feel fresh and refreshed, and also removes the dirt and oil accumulated on the face. Washing your face in the morning not only makes you feel fresh but it also allows you to start your skin care.

After skin care, your face also becomes ready for makeup. Washing your face as soon as you wake up in the morning makes it easier to remove the skin care applied overnight and also allows the skin to breathe better.

On the other hand, it is also important to wash the face before the skin care routine at night. With this you can easily remove the day's dust, soil and dirt from your face. Washing face before sleeping opens facial pores and prevents acne on the skin.

It is important to remove makeup before sleeping and wash the face before doing night skin care. Due to this, the products are absorbed well into the skin. It is better to include face wash in your skin care routine both in the morning and evening as it helps in keeping the skin clean, balanced and healthy. 


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