Natural Sun Tan Tamers: Ditch the Chemicals, Embrace These Ingredients!

Natural Sun Tan Tamers: Ditch the Chemicals, Embrace These Ingredients!

New Delhi. Raise your hands if you are currently looking for tan removal home remedies, specifically for your feet, just like us! With the summer season leaving behind a hell lot of stubborn tan not just on our faces but also on our feet, it becomes important to indulge in frequent de-tan sessions.

A pedicure appointment at the salon might sound ideal but we are here to keep you save some bucks. In the summer, it is very important to take care of your health and skin. In this season, many problems related to the skin such as wrinkles may be faced. With this, tanning is also very common.

Because of this, there is a considerable difference in the color of the distant parts of your face and body. Now when we go out in the sun to protect our face from tanning, we use many different products and at the same time apply various things and face packs to remove the tanning.

But they forget to take care of hands and feet. Because of which the color of the face and hands and legs are different from each other. In this way, these things present at home can be adopted instead of expensive products.

Potato and lemon juice

In a glass, cut the juice out of the potato and add lemon juice to it. Put it on your feet and massage it with light hands and apply it for 15 minutes. After keeping it, wash it off with normal water. You can cut a potato and rub it directly on your face or hand.

Turmeric and gram flour

You can also use turmeric and gram flour to remove tanning. For this, you need a teaspoon of turmeric, an equal amount of gram flour and a teaspoon of rose water and milk mixed well to make a paste. Now use it. After wearing it for about 10 minutes, clean the skin with normal water.


You can use tomatoes to remove tanning on the hands and feet. For this, you have to prepare a paste by grinding tomatoes and adding turmeric to it. Now after putting this paste on your hands and feet for 10 to 5 minutes, clean it with water. By doing that recipe 2 times a week, you may notice a difference after some time.


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