Suffering from Food Poisoning? Try These Effective Tips to Feel Better

Suffering from Food Poisoning? Try These Effective Tips to Feel Better

New Delhi. Food poisoning is an illness that you get from eating food that is contaminated by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Depending on the type of infection, the symptoms can begin hours, days, or weeks after digestion. In summer, we should pay special attention to our eating habits.

Because even a little carelessness on your part can cost your health. Even in this season, eating too much spicy, fried and unhealthy food from outside can cause problems like food poisoning. In such a situation, problems like fever, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain may occur.

In such a situation, proper treatment should be done after consulting the doctor. Also, while recovering from food poisoning, you must keep some things in mind. Because in such a situation, a little carelessness can cause great harm to your health. Therefore, keep these things in mind during recovery. 

Reason of food poisioning

Food spoils quickly in the summer season. There are many types of bacteria on this spoiled food. If a person eats spoiled or stale food, then these bacteria enter the body through food. These bacteria enter the stomach and cause food poisoning. Things you should consider if you get infected from food poisioning.

Avoid these things 

While recovering from food poisoning, you should take special care of your eating habits. In which you should stay away from spicy and oily foods and also avoid eating salty, snacks, biscuits and raw meat.

Take care of cleanliness

The problem of food poisoning occurs due to infection. Therefore, utmost care should be taken about cleanliness during this period. Especially before cooking and serving food, wash the utensils thoroughly with lukewarm water. Wash and cook vegetables properly.

Drink more water

Many people drink very little water even in summer. But this causes lack of hydration in the body. Due to which health can be harmed. Also, due to food poisoning, there can be lack of water in the body. Therefore, it is most important that you keep drinking plenty of water during recovery from food poisoning.


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