What's in Your Milk, Delhi? Report Exposes Potential Adulteration, HC Intervenes

What's in Your Milk, Delhi? Report Exposes Potential Adulteration, HC Intervenes

New Delhi. A recent report that has been submitted to the Delhi Court claims that milk that is supplied in Delhi has Oxytocin, which is believed to be harmful to our body. Taking note of the issue, the Delhi High Court has now demanded action against the hormone's fictitious use in dairy colonies and noted that its administration equates to "animal cruelty" while hearing a plea over the "rampant use of Oxytocin hormone in the dairy colonies".

It is worth noting that the Central government outlawed the drug in April 2018 because it was being abused on milch cattle to boost productivity, endangering not only the health of the calves but also that of the people who drank the milk.

On May 1, a bench of Acting Chief Justice Manmohan and Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora took note of the issues of rampant use of Oxytocin hormone in the daily colonies, packaged in white plastic bottles with a red or silver cap.

Following the hearing, the Delhi High Court has asked the Department of Drug Control to conduct regular inspections and ensure that cases of spurious Oxytocin usage or possession are registered under the pertinent laws. Moreover, the court has asked the intelligence department to take legal action against the offenders.

What is Oxytocin used for?

Oxytocin is a chemical messenger that has two main actions, one is that it initiates contractions of the uterus during childbirth and lactation and it also increases the production of prostaglandins.

How to remove Oxytocin from milk?

Boiling milk is one of the best ways to minimize traces of Oxytocin in milk.

Is Oxytocin harmful to humans?

According to experts, Oxytocin is safe if used in recommended doses, but harmful and has uncommon side effects if taken too much. The milk containing Oxytocin should be avoided by pregnant women as it can lead to miscarriage and deformities in the newborn.


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