6 Seats Allotted From Same Center in NEET UG 2024 Raises Concerns

6 Seats Allotted From Same Center in NEET UG 2024 Raises Concerns

New Delhi. The announcement of the NEET-UG 2024 results on Tuesday has stirred controversy among students and parents alike. Surprisingly, an unprecedented number of 67 students achieved the perfect score of 720 out of 720, raising eyebrows and concerns over the validity of the results. Furthermore, discrepancies in the statement issued by the National Testing Agency (NTA) have fueled doubts regarding the accuracy of the assessment.

Six students with consecutive seat numbers

Of particular concern is the revelation that six students with consecutive seat numbers from Haryana attained the perfect score, hinting at the possibility of collusion or irregularities at their examination center.

In response, concerned parents have penned letters to the NTA, urging a thorough investigation into these alleged inconsistencies before the commencement of counseling sessions.

Scorecard circulating on social media 

Adding to the skepticism are purported scorecards circulating on social media, displaying scores of 718 and 719. Parents argue the implausibility of achieving such scores, given the marking scheme of NEET, where each question carries four marks and deductions are made for incorrect answers.

Parents demand tranparency and clarity 

Questions also linger regarding the normalization process applied by the NTA and its impact on the final results. Experts and parents alike demand transparency and clarity on this matter, emphasizing the need for a thorough explanation of the normalization criteria and its application across various exam centers.

As concerns mount and doubts linger, the NEET-UG 2024 results continue to spark debate and scrutiny, underscoring the importance of ensuring fairness and accuracy in the evaluation process.

What has NTA said? 

In its defense, the NTA has stated that candidates who reported time loss during the exam were compensated with grace marks, citing a normalization formula endorsed by the apex court since 2018. However, this explanation has failed to assuage concerns, with parent representative Ruiee Kapoor expressing dissatisfaction, labeling the scores of 718 and 719 as technically improbable.

Scoring 720 finding it challenging 

Moreover, the sharp rise in overall cut-off marks from 137 to 164 has exacerbated anxieties among aspirants, with even students scoring a perfect 720 finding it challenging to secure admission to prestigious institutions like AIIMS Delhi. This dramatic shift in cut-off marks has disillusioned many candidates who had hoped to gain entry into government medical colleges.


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