Bhiwani News: Two Accused in the Murder of a Missing 16-Year-Old Boy from Tosham Sent to Jail

Bhiwani News: Two Accused in the Murder of a Missing 16-Year-Old Boy from Tosham Sent to Jail

Bhiwani. The Haryana Police State Crime Branch has solved the blind murder case of Ankit, a 16-year-old boy who went missing nearly 2 years ago, and has brought justice to the victim's family members. The family, residents of Tosham in Bhiwani district, had been wandering in search of their missing son for the past two years or so. Despite investigating various aspects of the case, no concrete clues had been found.

On December 2023, the case was handed over to the Hisar State Crime Branch, which solved the case in less than a month and arrested the accused. Ankit's body has been recovered on the basis of the accused's identification.

The Director General of Police  Shatrujeet Kapur congratulated the State Crime Branch team for this achievement. Ankit, a resident of Tosham in Bhiwani district, used to work as a shepherd for a person named Harish Kumar in the village.

On July 16, 2022, Ankit went alone to graze 50 sheep and goats as usual. Meanwhile, Harish Kumar went to graze sheep and goats with Ankit due to some other work. When Harish Kumar returned home late in the evening, he found that 20 of his sheep and goats had returned but Ankit and 30 sheep and goats could not be found even after searching a lot. A case was registered in connection with Ankit's disappearance at the concerned police station.

The surrounding area was searched and CCTV cameras were scanned to find the missing Ankit. The case was investigated from different angles for about 2 years but no clue of Ankit could be found. Subsequently, on March 21, 2024, Dy SP Atmaram of Hisar State Crime Branch was appointed as the chairman of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in the case and Inspector Shekhar Singh, Incharge State Crime Branch Bhiwani and ASI Sanjay Singh, Incharge AHTU were appointed as investigators and members of the SIT.

The team constituted in the case started re-investigation. All the evidence in the case was studied in detail. On investigation of different aspects, the involvement of Sanjay and Sandeep alias Sandia, residents of Tosham, was found. Sanjay Jangra was a resident near the furniture house while Sandeep alias Sandia was a resident near the herbal park of Tosham.

The team constituted in the case interrogated Sanjay thoroughly on the basis of evidence. Ankit's body was recovered on the basis of the identification of the accused Sanjay. The postmortem of the body of the deceased Ankit was conducted by a board of doctors on April 14, 2024. A case has been registered against the accused under Section 302, 201, 389, 411 of IPC Section 34 and investigation going on.


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