BJP-JJP leaders cannot escape by making allegations and counter-allegations against each other after committing a scam together, now people will get their scams investigated – Deepender Hooda

BJP-JJP leaders cannot escape by making allegations and counter-allegations against each other after committing a scam together, now people will get their scams investigated – Deepender Hooda

Chandigarh. Congress MP Deepender Hooda today participated in the unveiling of the statue of Bajrang Bali on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Janmotsav on the Delhi-Rohtak National Highway. He sought the blessings of Lord Hanuman after inaugurating the temple for the prosperity of the people of the state. 

He did extensive public relations in the Model Town area under the 'Ghar Ghar Congress Har Ghar Congress campaign'. At Model Town, he said that there is a problem of drinking water in Rohtak, there are complaints about the supply of sewer water in many colonies.

This government has proved unsuccessful even in providing basic facilities. Deepender Hooda said that during the Congress government, the problem of drinking water was completely eliminated by building water tanks around Rohtak. 

He said that the people of Rohtak as well as the entire state are saddened by record inflation, unemployment and corruption. “Under Amrit Yojana, the state got Rs 2565 crore and Rohtak got about Rs 350 crore. This amount was to be spent on drinking water supply, sewerage system, drainage and maintenance of parks, which fell victim to the scam. This work was to be completed within a year, but neither the project was completed nor was it known where such a huge amount went,” he stated.

Deepender said the current BJP MP from Rohtak pointed towards a scam of Rs 350 crore of Amrit Yojana and alleged that a former minister from Rohtak had committed the scam and also destroyed its evidence. “The BJP MP also said that the scam was connected to the Chief Minister's office,” he stated. 

“For 5 years the double engine government worked together to loot the state. Now the public will get all these scams investigated. BJP sees corruption only when someone separates from BJP. BJP and JJP leaders cannot escape by accusing each other after committing a scam together,” he said, questioning why JJP leaders did not remember to conduct an investigation when they were looting along with BJP for 5 years. 
Rohtak MLA BB Batra was also present.

Deepender said when the Congress government comes to power in Haryana, priority will be given to basic facilities and the drinking water problem will be solved from the roots like before. During this, Model Town Traders Association President Ajay Dhankhar, Vice-President Mukesh Arora, Cashier Amit Gulati, Satish Jangra, Prateek Bhatia along with many of their supporters left BJP and joined Congress Party. 

Deepender Hooda welcomed everyone into the Congress party and said after a lot of hard work in the last 10 years, Rohtak had come on the development map of the country, but in the last 9 and a half years, this image of Rohtak has been tarnished. “After 10 years of government, BJP should go to the people with its work and explain why there is so much unemployment, inflation and corruption in the country and the state, instead of making meaningless statements,” he suggested.

Deepender Hooda said he is contesting the elections on the basis of his work, while current MP is only trying to mislead the people. “Big projects like Rail Coach Factory, International Airport costing lakhs of crores of Rupees were withdrawn from Haryana and sent to other states, or were put on hold.

The BJP government at the Center kept taking projects from Haryana to other states one by one, and the double engine government of Haryana, which has 14 out of 15 MPs, could not raise even a single voice of protest,” he said. 

“The current BJP MP from Rohtak should tell which new project he brought for the development of Rohtak Lok Sabha during his tenure, or when did he raise his voice in the Parliament to stop the approved projects of the area from going to other states. The people of Rohtak know the truth and have made up their mind for change, they are just waiting for the voting day,” he stated.


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