Boy from the Christian community reached CM Mann in rally breaking the Security cordon

Boy from the Christian community reached CM Mann in rally breaking the Security cordon

Chandigarh. CM Bhagwant Mann reached Gurdaspur to address rally for candidate Aman Sher Singh Sherry Kalsi, for the Gurdaspur Lok Sabha constituency.

While addressing the rally at Hanuman Chowk, an individual associated with the Christian community managed to break through the security cordon and approached CM Mann. The security personnel were alerted upon seeing the man suddenly emerge from the crowd.

Despite efforts by the security personnel to restrain him, the man managed to reach the CM. It was later revealed that the man had come to present a memorandum to the CM on behalf of his community. CM Bhagwant Mann accepted the memorandum.

During the rally, CM Bhagwant Mann said that this election is crucial for saving democracy. He urged the people of Gurdaspur not to repeat the mistake they made by electing Sunny Deol in the previous election. Mann stated that if the Aam Aadmi Party wins 13 seats in this election, it will bring a wave of development to Punjab.

Chief Minister Mann highlighted that the Aam Aadmi Party has provided facilities to the people of Punjab in just two years that were unavailable to them for the past 70 years. Currently, to protect wheat crops from fires, solar systems are being installed.

The government is providing farmers with 12 hours of electricity daily through these solar systems. Mann concluded by saying that this election is not just about winning or losing but a battle to protect democracy, the Constitution, and the integrity of the nation. He warned that if people make mistakes this time, there may not be elections in the country in the future."


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