Chandigarh. In a fervent campaign held on Monday in Faridkot, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, alongside S. Parminder Singh Dimple, rallied support for Congress's Lok Sabha candidate, Bibi Amarjit Kaur Sahoke, emphasizing the party's commitment to addressing pressing issues facing Punjab and the nation.

Amarinder Singh Raja Warring asserted, "The electoral environment favors the Congress, the only party poised to tackle the pervasive challenges plaguing our state and country." He highlighted the failure of the Aam Aadmi Party to deliver on its promises, citing rampant insecurity among businessmen and the neglect of development initiatives despite holding 92 seats.

Expressing confidence in the selection of candidates, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring underscored the importance of women's representation, lauding Sahoke's experience and grassroots connectivity. He also commended S. Parminder Singh Dimple for his steadfast dedication to the party's principles, promising him an MLA ticket for Faridkot in 2027.

Addressing constituents in Vidhan Sabha constituency Jagraon, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring invoked the spirit of resilience in the face of betrayal, urging voters to reject turncoats and uphold the values of loyalty and integrity. Drawing parallels to India's freedom struggle, he urged support for Congress as the vanguard against empty promises and the erosion of democracy. He was showered with abundant love from the people of Jagraon.

Highlighting Congress's tangible achievements, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring noted significant increases in old age pensions from the Shagun scheme, contrasting this with AAP's failures and their insensitive handling of tragic incidents.

Speaking about the betrayal of Ravneet Bittu, he said, "When Congress's contender from Ludhiana deserted the party at an inopportune time, I was asked by Rahul Gandhi ji to stand against the turncoat in this fight of 'Vafadari' and 'Gaddari'." He cited the example of India’s freedom fight, which had to go on for years because of some traitors within Indians. He added, “People who love Punjab will vote for Congress as against the AAP, which promised to bring 'Badlaav' but just gave empty promises.”

In a passionate appeal, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring implored voters to choose Congress over hollow assurances, asserting that the future of Punjab and India's democratic fabric hangs in the balance.


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