Congress Candidate Sukhpal Khaira criticizes AAP and BJP in Sangrur Lok Sabha Seat

Congress Candidate Sukhpal Khaira criticizes AAP and BJP in Sangrur Lok Sabha Seat

Chandigarh. Congress candidate Sukhpal Singh Khaira has taken aim at the Punjab government, alleging rampant corruption and mafia influence within its ranks. Khaira also accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of being deeply embroiled in corruption and mafia activities.

According to Khaira, the AAP has facilitated the appointment of outsiders as Rajya Sabha members through financial transactions worth crores, while local residents in Punjab are being overlooked for government jobs.

Highlighting the contradiction in AAP's policies, Khaira pointed out the party's decision to assign a security detail of 1,000 personnel to protect Bhagwant Mann's family. This move, Khaira argued, contradicts AAP's earlier stance against promoting a VIP culture.

Khaira criticized the BJP for intensifying oppression on minority communities through controversial laws like the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). He further cautioned voters against indirectly supporting the BJP by casting their votes for the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD).

The event saw the presence of several key figures, including Manish Bansal, the constituency in-charge from Barnala; Kuldeep Singh Kala Dhillon, the district president of the Congress; and senior Congress leaders Makhan Sharma and Mahesh Lota. Other attendees included Arun Pratap Singh Dhillon, Gurjeet Singh Ramnivasiya, Surat Singh Bajwa, Baldev Singh Bhuchchar, Rampal Singla, Varun Batta, Dimple Uppal, Manish Kumar Kaka, and Bibi Surinder Kaur Valiya.


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