Congress proposal of ‘inheritance taxes’ directly targets hard working middle-class families: Harjit Singh Grewal

Congress proposal of ‘inheritance taxes’ directly targets hard working middle-class families: Harjit Singh Grewal

Chandigarh. “The manifesto of Indian National Congress for the Lok Sabha polls clearly depicts the party’s intentions that threaten the economic stability and cultural values of Indian citizens”, said BJP’s National Executive Member Sardar Harjit Singh Grewal, in a joint press conference with BJP's Punjab media chief Vineet Joshi.

While targeting Congress’ alarming intentions of ‘inheritance taxes’, Harjit Singh Grewal said, “The Congress has put forward a proposal to tax inheritance, directly targeting the hardworking middle-class families of our nation. The Congress says that it will impose an inheritance tax, and it will also impose tax on the inheritance received from parents.  

Sam Pitroda, who was an advisor to former PM Manmohan Singh, has suggested that hardworking middle-class individuals in our country should face higher taxes. This shows Congress’ clear agenda-- to plunder your wealth.”

“Our nation's values and culture are not rooted in consumerism. We prioritize preservation and enhancement. If our environment is safeguarded today, we take care of our elderly parents and grandparents, cherishing family heirlooms to pass them down to future generations.

This reflects the inherent nature of our people, who take pride in living life fully. But, the Congress party's aggressive stance threatens the essence of India's identity”, Grewal added.

“It seems that the Urban Naxals have aligned with Congress and while they try to please America, their agenda is to plunder your property and deprive your children of their rights immediately”, Grewal said, adding that this is in sharp contrast to BJP's approach, which has always been to nurture and give back to the people of India, ensuring their hard-earned money serves them and their future generations.

While speaking at the press conference, BJP's Punjab media chief and former media advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister, Vineet Joshi, said that the Congress party's inclination towards implementing religious-based reservations undermines the secular principles laid out by Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

“Under the leadership of Baba Saheb Ambedkar, it was determined that religious-based reservations would not be practised in India and reservation, if any, would be for Dalits and tribal communities. However, the Congress, driven by vote-bank politics, disregarded these principles and despite Ambedkar's stance, Congress first attempted to introduce religious-based reservations in Andhra Pradesh.”

“Congress has proposed a 15% reservation based on religion, suggesting that a portion of the quota for SC, ST, and OBC should be allocated accordingly. Congress had similar intentions in 2009 and reiterated them in their 2014 manifesto, vowing to pursue the matter further”, Joshi said.

The BJP government has staunchly opposed these measures, ensuring that the allocation for reservations rightly supports the Dalits and backward classes, as originally intended. "Reservations should empower the underprivileged, not serve as a tool for political gains based on religious lines," Joshi added.


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