Government Blocks 28,200 Phones Linked to Cybercrime

Government Blocks 28,200 Phones Linked to Cybercrime

New Delhi. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), directed telecom companies like Reliance Jio and Airtel to block a large number of mobile phones and re-verify linked connections to combat cybercrime and financial fraud. According to the sources, at least 28,200 mobile handsets were identified to be involved in cybercrimes.

The department has asked the telecom companies to re-verify the 2 million mobile connections linked to the blocked phones. The ministry further said that if in case the re-verification fails, these numbers will be disconnected.

Reason for blocking

Analysis by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and state police found these phones were being used for illegal activities. The DoT is working collaboratively with MHA and state police to dismantle networks of cybercriminals and safeguard citizens. This move aims to prevent these phones from being used to threaten or steal personal information for financial scams.

Making people aware of the cybercrime, the department keeps on sharing updates on the official X handle.

As per sources, the move is the part of government's "Secure India" project which focuses on cyber security at national, organizational, and individual levels. There are initiatives to spread awareness about cyber threats.


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