Guidelines issued to protect citizens and animals from heatwave is essential

Guidelines issued to protect citizens and animals from heatwave is essential

Chandigarh. The Haryana Revenue and Disaster Management Department has issued necessary guidelines to protect both the public and livestock from the heatwave. Sharing information in this regard a department spokesperson said that along with the citizens, livestock should also be protected from the heat. Avoid taking animals outside and in the fields during the afternoon.

The spokesperson stated that directions have been given to the Animal Husbandry Department to take special care of the animals. Arrangements should be made for drinking like water tube wells etc. for both the public and livestock.

Prepare a Heatwave Action Plan for the safety of the cattle. Make people aware of the symptoms of diseases that occur in animals during summer conditions and how to prevent them. Vaccination work should be carried out regularly to keep animals safe and ensure the stock of essential medicines at the centers, the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson said that farmers, livestock keepers' and animals are also affected during the summer months and they need to be protected from the heat. In this context, the Veterinary Department has advised farmers and livestock keepers to take appropriate measures and management to protect their animals from the heat during the summer months.

The spokesperson said that farmers and cattle herders have been advised to arrange residential houses and animal sheds for their animals. Let the animals rest under shady trees in the afternoon. If the temperature is more than 45 degrees, protect the windows and doors of the animal houses with wet curtains. Coolers can also be arranged for dairy animals. Provide clean and cold water to the animals 4-5 times a day.

The spokesperson further said that animals can also bathe if the water is properly arranged. Include nutritious foods in the animals' diets, and be sure to give them a jaggery and salt water solution twice per day. During the summer, provide animals with a mineral mixture and multivitamins. If the animals become ill, contact a veterinarian immediately.


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