Haryana News: War breaks out among Congress big shots over ticket distribution on social media

Haryana News: War breaks out among Congress big shots over ticket distribution on social media

Chandigarh. As per the polls schedule released by the Election Commission of India (ECI) , elections are to be held in Haryana in the sixth phase on May 25 and with only one month left, all the political parties are putting in all their might and strength to win the elections.

With declaration of BJP candidates on all 10 parliamentary seats, the  saffron Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) is cornering the main opposition Congress in the state saying that  due to widened rift among the party heavyweights, the Congress has been undecided on the declaration of the tickets.

It is evident from the prevailing scenario within the party that the Congress high command, which is supreme authority to take final call pertaining to any matter, could not reach to any conclusion over finalisation of the ticket. Notably, Bhupender SIngh Hooda, former CM and the  Kumari Saleja, Randeep Surjewala and Kiran Choudhary  known as SRK have been at loggerheads over the battle of supremacy and the dominance in the party. 

In this series, there is  a lot of stir in the political sphere following social media posts  by the ticket claimants and their family members.  on many seats.  Chinajeevi Rao, son of Gurugram ticket contender Captain Ajay Yadav and Shruti Chaudhary, a strong claimant for the ticket from  Bhiwani Mahendragarh constituency have fueled the ongoing discord through posts on social media account ''X'' that went viral.

It is noteworthy that Seeing the disagreement between Hooda and Selja-Surjewala over the ticket, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge formed a sub-committee at the behest of Sonia Gandhi. In which KC Venugopal, Madhusudan Mistry and Salman Khurshid were inducted.  Despite several meetings, no consensus could be reached regarding the matter. 

Shruti Chaudhary who also holds the portfolio of the state Congress working president wrote on social media post ' D comes between S and F on your keyboard and the person with the aforementioned initial'  ''D''will meet the defeat in forthcoming polls.

It is pertinent to mention that ''D''  stands for Dharambir, the BJP candidate as well as Dan SIngh, another claimant of the Congress ticket from Bhiwani-Mahendergarh Lok Sabha seat. . In such a situation, political experts are of the opinion that Shruti is hitting two birds with one stone. However, later in her post, Shruti wrote  ''D'' means Dharambir.Notably, Hooda camp is opposing Shruti's ticket from Bhiwani-Mahendragarh seat saying that she faced the debacle in Lok Sabha polls.  

lost last time and is not a strong candidate. It is noteworthy she along with her mother and Tosham MLA Kiran Choudhary had visited  Sonia Gandhi staking her claim on the ticket but failed to get any specific assurance regarding the ticket from the party high command.

Similarly,  resembling Shruti,  Chiranjeev Rao  wrote on social media account ''X'' that between U and O in your keyboard is the person who is going to lose from Gurgaon in this Lok Sabha election.It is pertinent to mention that ''I' comes between aforesaid alphabets which stands Inderjeet, the BJP candidate from Gurugram Lok Sabha seat.

In continuation to aforementioned, it is pertinent to mention that Hooda and Captain Ajay Yadav have been eyeball to eyeball over battle of supremacy and Hooda is seeking a ticket of Bollywood star Raj Babbar terming Captain Ajay Yadav a weak candidate. 

Whereas in this series Captain Ajay, the ticket contender from Gurugram, speaking openly for the first time said that I have no problem with Raj Babbar as  every person has the right to contest elections, Congress is incurring losses due to delay in ticket distribution.

He further said that if someone wants to field any film star then give tickets only to either Ranbir Kapoor or  Ranveer Singh or Hrithik Roshan. After his statement, there was a continuous discussion on social media about giving Congress ticket to Kareena Kapoor, daughter-in-law of Pataudi, which falls in Gurugram Lok Sabha constituency.  Bhiwani-Mahendragarh and Gurugram are two such seats in Haryana where the party high command is struggling to finalize the candidates and due to the ongoing war for supremacy between the Hooda and SRK factions, there is a situation of confusion on both these seats.

According to party sources, there are at least three seats in the Congress panel on which more than one candidate is claiming the ticket. Party leaders are camping in Delhi to get tickets for their respective contenders. While the Hooda camp is lobbying for the ticket of Raj Babbar from Gurugram and Rao Dan Singh from Bhiwani Mahendragarh seat, the SRK team is lobbying for Captain Ajay Yadav from Gurugram and Shruti Chaudhary from Bhiwani-Mahendragarh.


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