INDIA will win 10 seats of Haryana : Rahul Gandhi

INDIA will win 10 seats of Haryana : Rahul Gandhi

Charkhi Dadri. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is on Haryana tour on Wednesday. Here he first held a rally in support of party candidate Rao Dan Singh in Charkhi Dadri. During this, angry MLA Kiran Chaudhary and candidate Rao Dan Singh clashed in front of Rahul on the stage due to the cancellation of his daughter Shruti's ticket. Both of them showed fingers to each other.

After this, Rahul Gandhi while addressing the rally said that he will win all the 10 seats of Haryana. On June 4, I.N.D.I.A. A coalition government is being formed. A month after this, on July 4, Rs 8500 will come into the accounts of crores of women of the country.

Rahul Gandhi said that I am the son of the country and PM Narendra Modi is the king of the country. He said that Congress will give the first permanent job to the youth.

Slogans of former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda as future Chief Minister were raised in the rally. When Rahul Gandhi came on the stage, the leader who addressed the stage said that our leader has arrived, Haryana's future Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda is also coming with him.

Rahul said Earlier, when we had a government in the country, we had a government in Haryana, there was development in Haryana. Gurugram was built here, we gave medals. Now the time has come that the country will have to show the way.

I'm not going to leave you. Haryana shows the way to the entire country and you show it. The biggest of all is to open a shop of love to end the hatred that they spread.

There is going to be a storm here. Here Congress is going to get ten out of ten seats.

The youth are saying that you talked about everyone, but did not talk about us. There are 30 lakh jobs lying vacant, we will give them to you. Second historical work: We are going to give a big right to all the graduates, you will be surprised.

No government in the world has done this till date. We are going to give you the right to your first permanent job. You will get these jobs in private sector and government colleges in Haryana.

We are going to do historic work, this will shake the women of Haryana, we are going to fulfill this dream of yours on June 4.

A list will be made of all the poor people of Haryana, whom Modi ji has made poor, and the name of a woman from the family will be selected from the list.

Work on this list will start on July 4. Crores of women will check their bank accounts. Rs 8500 will be credited to your account on 4th July.


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