Internal strife challenges Congress in Patiala constituency ahead of Elections

Internal strife challenges Congress in Patiala constituency ahead of Elections

Patiala. The Congress party, traditionally a stronghold in the Patiala constituency, is currently grappling with internal dissent. The nomination of former MP Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi has sparked discontent among Taksaali Congress members, leading to a significant meeting in Rajpura on Saturday. Punjab Congress Chief, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, was present to address the concerns.

During the meeting, former legislators Hardial Singh Kamboj, Rajinder Singh, and former minister Lal Singh voiced their strong reservations against the High Command's decision to nominate Dr. Gandhi. As tensions escalated, party workers protested against Dr. Gandhi in front of Warring.

Many workers expressed their reluctance to support an external candidate or campaign on his behalf. Despite Warring's efforts to reassure and calm the workers, a palpable sense of dissatisfaction persisted. Notable attendees included former MLA Nirmal Singh, Jagtar Singh Rajla from Samana, and Punjab Mahila Congress Chief Gursharan Kaur Randhawa.

Hardial Singh Kamboj criticized the High Command's decision, questioning the integrity of labeling Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi as honest. This move has cast doubt on the credibility of all Taksaali Congress members, suggesting potential dishonesty. Kamboj highlighted the demoralizing effect this decision has had on workers who were advocating for a local candidate.

Lal Singh expressed concerns about the increasing influence of outsiders infiltrating the Congress. This perception of being sidelined has left Taksaali Congress members and workers feeling marginalized. He emphasized the urgent need for the High Command to address and rectify these concerns.

Raja Warring emphasized the importance of unity to counter the detrimental policies of the Modi government and secure a victory for the nation, Punjab, and the farmers. Rahul Gandhi has engaged directly with disgruntled leaders to understand the situation, and Mallikarjun Kharge is also informed about the developments. Warring stressed the necessity for party members to unite and support Dr. Gandhi, emphasizing that true politicians act without selfish motives.

Hardial Singh Kamboj clarified that there was no intent to rebel or contest independently. Acknowledging the workers' legitimate grievances, he expressed a commitment to understanding and addressing their concerns. Kamboj highlighted his years of selfless service to the party and reaffirmed his dedication to the Congress.

The internal dissent within the Congress in Patiala presents significant challenges for the party, underscoring the importance of internal cohesion and resolution ahead of the forthcoming elections.


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