KNOW Who are approvers of PM Modi's nomination from Varanasi?

KNOW Who are approvers of PM Modi's nomination from Varanasi?

New Delhi. BJP says it meticulously selected four proposers for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Varanasi Lok Sabha nomination. Following extensive deliberation, the party shortlisted these individuals from an initial list of 50 candidates. The selection process spanned two weeks, ensuring careful consideration of each nominee's credentials.

PM Modi's nomination process

Prime Minister Modi embarked on his bid for a third term by filing his nomination papers from Varanasi. Accompanied by Union ministers such as Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh, as well as chief ministers from 12 BJP and NDA-led states, he undertook this significant electoral step.

Ahead of filing his nomination, the Prime Minister participated in religious rituals and offered prayers at Dashwamedh Ghat. A grand roadshow on a five-kilometer route marked the culmination of his pre-nomination activities in Varanasi.

Previous approvers

In the 2019 nomination process, Prime Minister Modi's proposers hailed from various walks of life:

Annapurna Shukla: A retired doctor and former principal of BHU’s Mahila Mahavidyalaya.

Jagdish Prakash Choudhary: Chief cremator of Varanasi ghats.

Subhash Gupta: A dedicated RSS worker.

Ramakant Shukla: An accomplished agricultural scientist.

The selection of proposers for Prime Minister Modi's Varanasi nomination underscores the BJP's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. With individuals from different communities and backgrounds stepping forward to endorse his candidacy, the nomination process reflects the party's broad-based support and outreach efforts.

Who are the four chosen approvers?

The four individuals selected to propose Prime Minister Modi's candidature exhibit diverse backgrounds and community affiliations:

Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid: A prominent figure in the Brahmin community, Ganeshwar Shastri played a pivotal role in overseeing the rituals of consecration at the grand Ram Temple. His involvement in determining the auspicious timing of the consecration ceremony underscores his significance in religious circles.

Baijnath Patel: A longstanding volunteer of the RSS, Baijnath hails from the OBC community, bringing with him a wealth of grassroots organizational experience.

Lalchand Kushwaha: Another representative from the OBC community, Lalchand's selection as a proposer reflects the BJP's commitment to inclusivity and representation across diverse social strata.

Sanjay Sonkar: Representing the Dalit community, Sanjay Sonkar's inclusion underscores the party's outreach efforts to marginalized sections of society, ensuring their voices are heard in the electoral process.


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