Ludhiana will soon get rid of ‘GHOST’ MP: Warring

Ludhiana will soon get rid of ‘GHOST’ MP: Warring

Chandigarh. Punjab Congress president and party’s candidate from Ludhiana parliamentary constituency Amarinder Singh Raja Warring today said that Ludhiana will soon get rid of the “ghost” MP they have been suffering for the last ten years.

“The final countdown for the ‘ghost’ has begun to vanish completely and just 34 more days are left”, Warring said in a statement here, adding, “people will get rid of him on June 4 once the votes are counted after the General Elections”.

The Congress contestant said that for ten years, people of Ludhiana had struggled to have a glimpse of their MP or listen to his voice. “Bittu proved like a ‘ghost’ as nobody could see him and nobody could hear his voice even”, he remarked, while referring to Bittu’s characteristic trait of neither being seen anywhere around in the constituency nor ever taking anybody’s phone call.

PCC president said that Bittu, despite having got a house allotted for himself from the government never met any worker or common man there, leaving aside solving their problems.

Warring said, it is not that Bittu did not realize and understand it himself. “He knows it pretty well that the karma was certain to catch up with him this time and hence he opted to change the party”, Warring said about Bittu, while adding, “you may be able to fool some people sometime, some people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

The PCC president said the day of judgement was approaching for Bittu on June one, when people will hold him to account for his great betrayal. “First, he betrayed people for ten years for simply vanishing away after elections, then came the final betrayal when he betrayed and deserted the same party and same people, who sent him to parliament thrice in a row in spite of everything Bittu made himself known for”, Warring remarked.


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