Mystery explosion near Pathankot Army Station causes alarm; No injuries reported

Mystery explosion near Pathankot Army Station causes alarm; No injuries reported

Pathankot. An explosion near the Pathankot Army Station caused alarm in the area on Thursday morning, occurring just 30 meters away from the station on the canal bank. The incident took place near the new bridge on the Pathankot-Sujanpur road in Abrol Nagar around 11:35 am.

The blast was so powerful that its sound reached homes nearly two kilometers away, prompting residents to come out and check the situation. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) City, Sumir Singh Maan, along with a significant police force, arrived promptly at the scene to begin an investigation.

Fortunately, no casualties or significant damage occurred. Police have started examining CCTV footage from nearby homes and shops to identify any suspicious activities. They are also coordinating with senior army officials to conduct a joint investigation to determine if there was any intentional act behind the explosion. This incident is particularly concerning as it follows the 2016 attack on the Air Force Station, making it another security concern near a military installation.

At the blast site, police found some fragments and have handed them over to the forensic team for further examination. Due to the explosion, nearby trees also caught fire.

The area where the blast occurred is frequented by locals for leisure activities. Fast-food stalls are common in the vicinity, attracting people throughout the day. After the explosion, the vendors quickly left the area.

Eyewitnesses, Deepak and Rohit, described the explosion as intense, causing alarm among everyone nearby. Some children were swimming in the canal on the other side, adding to the concerns about potential risks.

People often visit the area for walks both in the morning and evening. Even during the afternoon, some people can be seen sitting by the canal. The police have recorded videos and taken photographs of the scene for further investigation.

SSP Suhel Kasim Meer clarified that the explosion was caused by the bursting of a glass beer bottle under the Abrol Nagar canal bridge. This incident, though causing alarm, resulted in no damage or injuries. As soon as they received the report of the blast, a police team was dispatched to the scene to assess the situation. Upon arrival, they discovered that the sound of the blast was caused by a bottle-like object exploding on a pile of dumped garbage.


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