NIA arrests key accused in Rs 700 Crore Attari Border drugs seizure case

NIA arrests key accused in Rs 700 Crore Attari Border drugs seizure case

Chandigarh. In a significant development, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has apprehended another crucial suspect in connection with the Rs 700 crore Attari border drugs seizure case, bringing the total number of arrests to eight.

According to an official statement released on Wednesday, the detained individual, identified as Athar Saeed alias Chacha, allegedly managed the proceeds from the drug transactions under the instructions of the mastermind, Shahid Ahmed.

Saeed's arrest took place on Tuesday following extensive searches conducted by NIA teams at his residence in Delhi's Daryaganj, where various incriminating documents were seized.

The anti-terror agency is currently scrutinizing these documents to uncover the intricate details of the wide-ranging narcotics conspiracy, the statement confirmed.

NIA's investigations have disclosed Saeed's pivotal role in establishing and maintaining a network of hawala operators and other intermediaries for transferring the illicit funds generated from drug sales in India to destinations such as Afghanistan and the UAE.

The agency asserted that Saeed facilitated the funneling of drug proceeds to key suspects located abroad and aided in the escape of the primary accused individual from the country.

The case revolves around the detection and confiscation of 102.784 kg of heroin, with an estimated value of around Rs 700 crore, by Indian customs in two separate interceptions in April 2022. The illicit narcotics were smuggled into India from Afghanistan through the Integrated Check Post (ICP) at Attari, Amritsar, concealed within a shipment of licorice roots (mulethi).

NIA further stated that ongoing investigations are actively delving into unraveling the entirety of the conspiracy behind this extensive drug operation.


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