Punjab News: Tera 'Muaavza' (compensation) Ve Shrabiyan di Gapp Varga

Punjab News: Tera 'Muaavza' (compensation) Ve Shrabiyan di Gapp Varga

Chandigarh. Punjab's farmers are reeling from the effects of unseasonal rains and hailstorms, which have destroyed over half of the state's wheat crops, worsening the already precarious financial condition of the farmers. In response, BJP's state media chief and former media advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister, Vineet Joshi, criticized Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann for his apparent lack of action and focus on politics rather than providing financial aid to the struggling farmers.

“Mann is continuously engaged in politics over compensation issues but in reality, the farmers of the state have not even received compensation for the damaged crops from floods that occurred last year”, Joshi said.
“There's a popular Punjabi song that says, 'Tera Laara Ve Shrabiyan di Gapp Varga,' but it seems we need to change the lyrics to, 'Tera 'Muaavza' (compensation) Ve Shrabiyan di Gapp Varga,'" Joshi said, emphasizing the disillusionment among farmers with the Chief Minister's promises.

Joshi said that perhaps the farmers of the state have not yet forgotten how the floods had wreaked havoc in Punjab last year and Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann was quick to point out the damaged crops as well as the chickens, goats and sheep that died due to the rains. “Mann had said in his election rallies in Ferozepur and Faridkot, and had announced compensation for wheat damage caused by bad weather. Yet, these announcements came without any concrete measures or evidence of actual relief to farmers”, Joshi said.

“The widespread sight of waterlogged grain in Punjab's markets further illustrates the lack of governmental action to protect crops. The huge wheat floating in the rain water in the grain markets proves that Mann is giving more importance to the visits of Arvind Kejriwal, lodged in Tihar jail, instead of making arrangements for crop protection”, Joshi said, adding that on one hand, the farmers of the state are crying tears of blood due to their poor condition, but on the other hand, Mann is conducting a photo shoot with tears in his eyes over the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal.

BJP leader Joshi concluded that the Bhagwant Mann led Punjab government, which is being run from Delhi, should not forget that the lightning of anger of farmers and laborers is soon going to strike the Aam Aadmi Party.


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