Renowned Agricultural Scientist Dr. Manjit Singh Kang passes away at 76

Renowned Agricultural Scientist Dr. Manjit Singh Kang passes away at 76

Chandigarh. Late Thursday night marked the somber passing of Dr. Manjit Singh Kang, a distinguished agricultural scientist celebrated for his groundbreaking work in quantitative genetics and crop enhancement. Dr. Kang, 76, who served as the former vice-chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, breathed his last in the United States, where he had settled.

During his illustrious career, Dr. Kang made indelible contributions to the field of agricultural science. He held the esteemed position of PAU vice-chancellor from April 2007 to 2011, leaving an enduring legacy of excellence. Hailing from Khamano Kalan village, Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, he remained deeply connected to his roots throughout his international acclaim.

Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, the current Vice-Chancellor of PAU, mourned Dr. Kang's demise, acknowledging his pivotal role in shaping agricultural research. Dr. Gosal remarked, "Dr. Manjit Singh Kang was a revered leader and academician, inspiring the entire PAU community. His pioneering work in quantitative genetics revolutionized agricultural science, benefiting farmers and scholars alike."

Born on March 3, 1948, Dr. Kang graduated from PAU in 1968, laying the groundwork for his eminent career. He pursued advanced studies at Southern Illinois University and the University of Missouri before assuming significant roles in American academia, including a professorship at Louisiana State University.

Despite his international stature, Dr. Kang remained committed to fostering growth within PAU and Punjab. Dr. Gosal highlighted, "Kang's dedication to enriching PAU with global expertise was unparalleled. He actively engaged with students and faculty, nurturing a culture of innovation."

During his tenure as vice-chancellor, Dr. Kang spearheaded transformative initiatives, prioritizing research and development to elevate PAU's stature as a global agricultural powerhouse. His leadership fostered collaborative projects bridging academic theory with real-world applications, enriching the agricultural landscape.

Dr. Kang's contributions garnered widespread acclaim, earning him prestigious awards such as the 'Pride of Punjab' accolade in 2018 and the 'Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Achievers Award' in 2019. His scholarly output, comprising books, research papers, and editorial roles, underscored his profound impact on the scientific community.

Punjab Chief Minister expressed profound grief over Dr. Kang's demise, lauding his gentle demeanor and visionary outlook. A condolence meeting convened at the PAU campus, Ludhiana, on Friday, honoring Dr. Kang's enduring legacy and mourning the loss of a luminary in agricultural science.


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