SC dismisses petitions demanding 100% VVPAT slip verification

SC dismisses petitions demanding 100% VVPAT slip verification

New Delhi. In a significant ruling, the Supreme Court has dismissed petitions calling for a full-scale verification of votes recorded on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) using paper slips generated via the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) method. The decision was announced by a two-judge bench comprising Justice Sanjiv Khanna and Justice Dipankar Datta, who reached a unanimous verdict on the matter.

The petitions had sought a 100% scrutiny of EVM votes with corresponding VVPAT paper slips to ensure electoral transparency and integrity. However, the Supreme Court's ruling has put an end to these demands, upholding the current system of partial verification through VVPAT slips, which involves random checks rather than a comprehensive review of all votes cast electronically.

This verdict holds particular significance in the context of electoral processes, where debates about the reliability and security of EVMs versus the traditional paper ballot system have long persisted. The court's decision reaffirms the existing mechanisms in place for verifying votes and maintaining the integrity of elections conducted through electronic means.


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