Tragic fire claims lives of Two Sisters in Bathinda's Odia Colony

Tragic fire claims lives of Two Sisters in Bathinda's Odia Colony

Bathinda. Tragedy struck Udyia Colony by the Sirhind Canal in Bathinda on Tuesday morning when a fire engulfed several shanties, claiming the lives of two young sisters. The fire reportedly started in a shanty while a family was cooking breakfast. Strong winds quickly spread the flames to neighboring structures, including one with a gas cylinder that exploded, intensifying the blaze.

The sisters, seeking refuge from the fire, had hidden in a room. However, the room became engulfed in flames when a gas cylinder inside it exploded due to the fire's intensity. Despite efforts to rescue them, they suffered severe burns and were rushed to the Civil Hospital in Bathinda for treatment. Tragically, they were pronounced dead upon arrival by the hospital's medical staff.

The incident sparked panic among residents, with many fleeing to safety as the fire rapidly consumed the shanties. Firefighters and local authorities rushed to the scene to bring the blaze under control and investigate the cause of the fire.

The devastated father of the girls recounted the harrowing moments when he found his daughters severely burnt in the engulfed room. He expressed his grief and shock over the tragic incident that claimed the lives of his two daughters. Authorities are conducting an investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire and ensure such incidents are prevented in the future.


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