T20 World Cup 2024: Gear Up for the Cricket Extravaganza!

T20 World Cup 2024: Gear Up for the Cricket Extravaganza!

New Delhi. The first game of the T20 World Cup 2024 will take place in Texas on June 1 and pit the hosts, the United States of America, against Canada. The grand opening ceremony of the campaign will take place before the second match of the season in Guyana, rather than the first, in first seems to be a strange decision.

It has been planned that the curtain-raiser will occur on June 02, the day before the T20 World Cup encounter between the West Indies and Papua New Guinea.

According to the schedule, the tournament is going to start in America and West Indies on June 2.  Along with this, an ICC event has also returned to the West Indies after 14 years. Earlier in 2010 also, the T20 World Cup was organized in the West Indies. 

When will the T20 World Cup be?

The T20 World Cup will start from 6 am on June 2 (IST), when hosts America and Canada will clash. The tournament will end with the final on June 29.

How many teams are participating in the tournament?

20 teams are competing in the T20 World Cup. This is the team's inaugural competition, and America has a place in it as the host. For the first time, Uganda and Canada will also compete in the World Cup. In addition, the following countries are participating in this World Cup: Papua New Guinea, West Indies, Namibia, Afghanistan, Oman, India, Pakistan, Australia, England, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Netherlands, Scotland, and Ireland.

Where are the World Cup venues?

According to the sources, group-stage matches will be played in New York, Dallas and Lauderhill (Florida) in America. At the same time, the group stage, Super-8, semi-final and final will be played in Bridgetown, Providence, North Sound, Gros Islet, Kingston and Tarouba in West Indies. The final match will be played in Bridgetown (Barbados).

What is the format of this tournament?

This time the T20 World Cup is in the format of group stage and Super-8. All 20 teams have been divided into 4 groups of 5 each. 2 teams from each group will reach the Super-8 round, where they will be in two groups of 4 each. 2 teams from the Super-8 will reach the semi-finals and then the final.

What will be the decision if the match is tied?

If any match of the tournament results in a tie, then it will be decided by a Super Over. If the Super Over is also tied, then the next Super Over will be held and it will continue until the additional one-hour time fixed for the match is over.

If even then the decision is not made, then both the teams will get equal points in the group stage and Super-8. On the other hand, if this happens in the semi-finals, then the team with a higher ranking in the Super-8 round will reach the final.

How will the match be played amid rain or bad weather?

According to the rules of T20, to get the result of any match, it is necessary to have a match of at least 5-5 overs. The same will apply in the group stage and Super-8. If the match is not held, then the points will be shared. 

How the semi-finals and finals will be decided?

A 10-over match must be played to determine the outcome in the semifinals and championship. If this isn't feasible, the first semi-final is scheduled for the next day on a reserve day. This isn't the case for the second semifinal though, as the championship game will take place a day later.

Consequently, there won't be a reserve day; instead, the match can be completed in 4 hours and 10 minutes on the same day. In this case, only the teams at the top of their respective Super-8 groups will advance to the championship game if the results are still unknown. If the match does not even happen after that, then both the teams will be announced winners.

Where can you watch this tournament?

In India, the matches of the T20 World Cup can be seen on official broadcaster Star Sports. At the same time, the online streaming of the tournament will be on the Disney-Hotstar platform.

Which teams are included in Team India's group?

The Indian team is in Group A, where it is accompanied by host America, Pakistan, Ireland and Canada. Team India's group stage matches will be played from 8 pm.

New Rules 

This time a new rule will be seen in the T20 World Cup. ICC has introduced a 'Stop Clock' to maintain the pace of the matches and finish the match in the stipulated time. Under this, after the end of one over, only 60 seconds will be given to start the next over. If a team does not follow this, then it will be warned twice. Even then, a fine of 5 runs will be imposed if the mistake is made.


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