Apple Buys AI Startup to Boost iPhone 16 Features

Apple Buys AI Startup to Boost iPhone 16 Features (or) Apple Enhances iPhone 16 with Parisian AI Acquisition

Tech Desk, New Delhi. According to reports, Apple has bought Datakalab, a French artificial intelligence (AI) business. The purpose of the acquisition is to support the on-device AI tool implementation for the forthcoming iPhone 16 models, which are anticipated to launch in September.

The tech giant is expected to unveil iOS 18, its new operating system, during its yearly developer conference, WWDC 2024, which begins on June 10. Apple plans to provide large language model (LLM) services exclusively through on-device data processing, according to a report published by Bloomberg.

Although the firm has not yet made an announcement on the AI features, there are rumors that the features will be unveiled together with the release of iOS 18, its new operating system.

Here's what the deal offers

The AI startup, with headquarters in Paris, focuses mostly on embedded AI systems and algorithm compression. Despite the fact that the acquisition happened on December 17 of last year, the businesses have not yet released a statement on the event.

The purchase was verified, per a MacRumors article, from a European Commission filing that was noticed by iPhoneSoft and the French magazine Challenge. Even though the deal's financials are still unknown, this acquisition will undoubtedly contribute to Apple's plan to incorporate AI into its products.In 2016, Lucas Fischer and Xavier founded Datakalab.

Their primary goal was to offer artificial intelligence technology, with a particular emphasis on deep learning algorithms that are high-performing, low-power, and independent of cloud-based systems.

AI and iPhone 16!

Since in-device data processing guarantees faster processing times and lowers the danger of data breaches, the company's strategy is ideally matched with Apple's aim to place a greater emphasis on user privacy, data security, and dependable performance. The US IT behemoth was drawn to the startup by its technology and decided to buy it.

The AI startup had previously worked on a number of well-known projects, including partnerships with Disney and the French government. Datakalab created technology that uses facial recognition and visual data to analyze human emotions.

This technology is commonly used to monitor audience reactions in real time during movie screenings. The company's expertise in compressing neural networks to make them function well on gadgets like tablets and smartphones was probably a major contributing element to the acquisition.


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