Apple's Latest iPad Pro Ad Absent from TV: Reason Unknown

Apple's Latest iPad Pro Ad Absent from TV: Reason Unknown

New Delhi. Apple Inc found itself in an unusual position as it issued an apology for an advertisement promoting its latest iPad Pro, which stirred discontent among creatives and customers alike. In a rare move, the tech giant announced that it would not proceed with airing the ad on television as originally planned.

Backlash on social media

The advertisement, showcasing various creative tools like musical instruments and paint cans being crushed into an iPad, faced widespread criticism on social media platforms. The response marked a departure from the usual positive reception Apple's marketing campaigns receive.

Actor Hugh Grant even chimed in, denouncing the ad as promoting the "destruction of the human experience."

Missed the mark

Critics argued that the ad clashed with Apple's image as a champion of creativity, especially in an era dominated by artificial intelligence and amid increasing regulatory scrutiny. Tor Myhren, Apple's vice president of marketing communications, acknowledged the misstep, emphasizing the company's commitment to empowering creatives worldwide.

Unanswered questions

Apple's marketing strategies typically resonate positively with its audience, but this incident raised questions about the process behind the controversial ad. With conflicting reports on whether Apple's in-house team or its agency was responsible, the episode underscored the importance of aligning marketing efforts with brand values.

Netizen reactions

The ad's impact reverberated across social media channels, with users expressing disappointment and even disdain towards Apple's portrayal of technology. Some felt the ad contradicted Apple's ethos, while others found it depressing and unnecessary, prompting reflections on their relationship with technology.


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