Beat the Heat with the Sony Reon Pocket 5: Your Personal Pocket AC

Beat the Heat with the Sony Reon Pocket 5: Your Personal Pocket AC

New Delhi. Sony recently introduced its latest innovation, the Reon Pocket 5, a portable air conditioner designed to provide relief from heat on-the-go. Priced at 139 euros (approximately Rs 9,000), this travel-friendly AC is the fifth variant in Sony's line of portable cooling devices, although it is currently not available in India and can only be purchased from Sony's official website.

Special Features of Reon Pocket 5

The standout feature of the Reon Pocket 5 is its compact size, allowing it to be easily tucked into clothing such as shirts or T-shirts. This makes it a convenient solution for individuals seeking respite from the sweltering heat during summer, helping prevent issues like heatstroke and dehydration.

Usage Instructions

To use the Reon Pocket 5, users simply attach it to the back of their shirt or T-shirt, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended periods. The device includes a thermo module with sensors for temperature, humidity, and motion detection.


Currently, the Sony Reon Pocket 5 is exclusively available in markets like Japan and Hong Kong. While it is listed on Sony UK's official website, there is no official confirmation regarding its introduction in other markets, including Asia.

Features and Functionality

The Reon Pocket 5 is equipped with both cooling and heating capabilities, making it suitable for use in both the summer and winter seasons. It offers five cooling levels and four warming levels, allowing users to customise their experience based on their preferences.

The device can be controlled through a mobile app, the Reon Pocket app, which enables users to adjust settings directly from their smartphones. Additionally, it features an auto start and stop function for added convenience.


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