Conquer Your Inbox: Gmail Hacks to Simplify Your Email Life

Conquer Your Inbox: Gmail Hacks to Simplify Your Email Life

Tech Desk, News Delhi. Gmail keeps bringing powerful features for its users. With the help of these features, the work of the users has become even easier. Be it to Undo Send Mail or to mute the mail. All these features are very useful. So, here are cool features which you can use on your mail: 

Undo Send Feature

Mails from across the country and the world are often sent on Gmail. In such a situation, many times it happens that your mail either goes without attachment or is sent to the wrong place. In such a situation there is nothing to worry about. Gmail gives you the option of Undo.
How to use it: 

First go to Gmail settings
Now click on Undo Send option
Activate after clicking
Whenever you send a mail, you will get the option of Message Sent and Undo in a left window.
If you have sent the mail by mistake then you can undo it.

Mute Feature

Whenever you visit any site, you are asked for login details. Because of this, promotional emails and useless emails from those websites start arriving on your Gmail. In such a situation, to get rid of those mails, you can select those mails and mute them by clicking on the 3 dots seen above the mail. After this your selected mails will go to Archive in future.

Gmail Longer Files

You can send any files or attachments up to 25MB on Gmail. But sometimes the attachment you want to send is more than 25MB. But Gmail does not allow this. In such a situation, do not take load. You can upload that file to your drive and share its link.

Grammer Suggestion on/off

Inside the settings of Gmail, the Grammar option is given below the default text style. In this, users can turn it on/off as per their convenience. After making changes, do not forget to click on the Save option.

Change Gmail Language

If you want to change the language of Gmail, it is quite easy. To use it, you will have to go to Gmail's settings. As soon as you click on it, you will get the option to change the language at the top. In this, English language is default, instead you can select other languages ​​including Hindi.


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