Delete Your Google Pay Transaction History with Ease

Delete Your Google Pay Transaction History with Ease

Tech Desk, News Delhi. Nowadays, most of the people use online transaction platforms for money transactions. Be it shopping, recharging the phone, paying bills and even small payments are done online. Google Pay is one of the popular transaction platforms.

People like to use Google's app because of its high security. But sometimes you come across some people who are close to you and as soon as they meet you, they start checking your phone. In such a situation, what can be done if you want to hide your transaction history from them? For this, here we will tell you how you can delete your transaction history on Google Pay.

In fact, the timing, amount, transaction ID and all other details of every small and big transaction done by you on Google Pay are stored on the app. If you want, you can also delete this history. You don't have to do much for this. Read the easy process of deleting history below and follow it step by step. After this your tension will end and the transaction history will be deleted.

For this, first of all open Google app on your smartphone and scroll down. Here below you will see the option of Show transaction history. Click on this option. Now the transaction history will open in front of you. In this list you will see the details of all types of transactions sent and received.

Step 1: For this you just go to Google Chrome in your phone.

Step 2: Click on this link- and locate your Google account.

Step 3: After this, fill your Google credentials and login to the account.

Step 4: Here you will see three dots in the left side corner, click on them.

Step 5: Now go to the option of ‘Data and Privacy’ and click on the option of ‘History Settings’.

Step 6: After this, click on the option of ‘Web and App Activity’ and click on the option of Manage All Web and App Activity.

Step 7: Click on the three dots given in the search bar. After doing this, select the option of Other Google Activities and click on Google Pay Experience.

Step 8: After going to Google Pay Experience option, click on Manage Activity option.

Step 9: Click on the delete option through the drop down arrow. Here you are getting the option to delete transaction history, click on it.

Well, here you get four options in which you can delete the activity as per your convenience, you can click on last hour, one day ago or all time. When you select the option of all time, your old transaction history is shown on it. If you want to delete it then click on the delete option given in front. Apart from this, you can also delete some specific transaction history by clicking on the custom option.


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