Dixon Technologies to Manufacture Google Pixel 8 in India

Dixon Technologies to Manufacture Google Pixel 8 in India

New Delhi. Dixon Technologies, a prominent local contract manufacturer, is gearing up to produce Google's latest Pixel 8 smartphones within India, according to reports from the Economic Times (ET). This strategic move marks a significant step for both Dixon and Alphabet Inc. Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, unveiled plans last October to commence manufacturing Google Pixel smartphones within India. This decision aligns with India's push for local smartphone production and adds Google to the roster of major global smartphone brands manufacturing in the country.

Pixel production in India

Dixon Technologies aims to kickstart production with an initial batch of India-made Pixel 8 phones hitting the market by September. The company plans to ramp up production capacity to 100,000 units monthly, with a substantial portion allocated for export, showcasing its commitment to both the Indian market and global clientele.

Capturing Indian market

The Pixel 8 model, known for its popularity, constitutes a significant share of Pixel sales in India, accounting for nearly 80% of total sales. This move by Dixon Technologies not only fulfills local demand but also bolsters India's stature as a manufacturing hub for cutting-edge smartphones.

Future prospects

While the immediate focus remains on Pixel 8, Dixon Technologies envisions a broader collaboration with Alphabet, potentially extending to the production of upcoming Pixel models within India. Moreover, Alphabet is exploring the possibility of engaging a second manufacturing partner in India, with discussions reportedly underway with Foxconn.

Collaborative efforts

Dixon's subsidiary, Padget Electronics, has secured a partnership with Taiwan's Compal Electronics, a key global manufacturing partner for Google products. Under this agreement, Padget Electronics will handle the production of Pixel devices, leveraging its participation in the government's production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for mobile phones.


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