Exciting Updates for WhatsApp: Reactions and Favorites Arrive for Statuses

Exciting Updates for WhatsApp: Reactions and Favorites Arrive for Statuses

Tech News. WhatsApp has been consistently updating its features to enhance the user experience, continually striving to improve connectivity with friends and family. A recent report by WA Beta Info highlights two upcoming additions to WhatsApp's repertoire: a favourites tab and the ability to add "reactions" to stories as replies.

Quicker Reactions to Statuses

One of the reported features in the works is a quicker reaction option for statuses. Users will soon have the ability to respond to others' statuses by reacting to them, allowing them to express their feelings directly on the status screen. These reactions will be visible within the status interface, maintaining conversational flow while simplifying user interactions with status updates.

Awaiting Official Confirmation

While these updates have been reported, WhatsApp has yet to officially announce them. Users eagerly anticipate confirmation from the messaging platform regarding the introduction of these features, anticipating further improvements to their WhatsApp experience.

Addition of a Favourites Tab

Another anticipated addition is the Favourites tab, which will empower WhatsApp users to customise their app experience by adding, moving, or removing their favourite contacts and groups. This feature aims to streamline access to preferred contacts and groups from the calls tab, enhancing organisation and ease of use. Notably, marking contacts or groups as favourites will not trigger any notifications to other users.


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