Fridge on the Fritz? Fix It Fast: Easy Tips for a Cooler Refrigerator

Fridge on the Fritz? Fix It Fast: Easy Tips for a Cooler Refrigerator

New Delhi. The refrigerator present in the house becomes old after some time and its cooling also reduces. In such a situation, during the summer season, people find it very difficult to keep cold water, ice and food safe.

If the cooling of the old refrigerator in your house has also reduced, then you should follow the tips mentioned here. In fact, many things are responsible for the cooling in the refrigerator, including the refrigerator's compressor, coil, gas and the body of the refrigerator. If any one of these malfunctions, the refrigerator stops working properly, after which the refrigerator stops working properly. There is no cooling.

Go for fridge servicing

If your fridge is old and does not cool properly then first of all you should get your fridge serviced. In which the mechanic will come and check your fridge and if there is less gas in it, then the mechanic will refill the gas in it. Apart from this, if the body of the old refrigerator is damaged then it is very important to get it repaired.

Check compressor

If you are getting the fridge serviced then definitely ask the mechanic to check the compressor of the old fridge. If the refrigerator compressor has become old and damaged then you should get it replaced. Let us tell you that the original compressor of the refrigerator costs 3 to 4 thousand rupees. In such a situation, if you want better cooling, then you should get the original compressor installed in the old refrigerator.

Don't forget to defrost

Refrigerators that do not have an automatic defrost setting typically use less energy than other refrigerators, but they must be manually defrosted to maintain efficiency. It is good practice to manually defrost whenever ice becomes 1/4 inch thick. 

Clean the coils

Clean the condenser coils at least once a year. Be sure to unplug the unit and carefully brush or vacuum the coils. This could improve your referigerator's efficiency by 30 percent. 

Make room 

Make sure there are a few inches of space between your refrigerator and the wall to maintain good air circulation. This will help your refrigerator run more efficiently. 

Freezer of your old fridge

If ice is not freezing in your fridge, then you should definitely check the freezer of your old fridge. Many times the coils get blocked due to oil or people try to remove ice with a knife, due to which the coils of the freezer get damaged. If the coil of the freezer is damaged then you should get it replaced, it can be repaired for Rs 2 to 2500.


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