Google Pixel 8a: Budget Pixel Phone Leaks Under Rs 50,000

Google Pixel 8a: Budget Pixel Phone Leaks Under Rs 50,000

Tech News, New Delhi. According to reports, Google is getting ready to introduce the Pixel 8A, its newest smartphone, at this year's annual Google I/O developer conference. There will be multiple announcements made on May 14, the day of the event.

As the event date draws near and anticipation grows, Pixel 8a leaks have begun to surface. The Pixel 8a may come in four colors: black, ceramic, blue, and a stunning new green version, according to earlier reports. Recent leaks have now suggested what the smartphone will cost in India. Additionally, based on such information, the phone might cost less than Rs 50,000.

Pricing Leaked?

A Canadian retailer has prematurely placed the Pixel 8a for sale before its official availability, according to a tip from PassionateGeekz. The Pixel 8a is listed by the store with two storage capacities: 128GB and 256GB. Starting at CAD 708.99, or about Rs. 42,500, for the base 128GB model, while the 256GB model costs CAD 792.99, or about Rs. 47,500.

Previous reports from a tipster said that the phone might cost between USD 500 and USD 550, which is equivalent to between Rs 41,648 and Rs 45,813 in India. This pricing approach is in line with the Pixel 7A's introduction last year, which was priced at Rs 43,999.


Regarding other rumors about the gadget, it is anticipated that the Pixel 8a's design will mainly resemble that of the Pixel 7a. However, a brand-new, vivid green color option for the phone is anticipated. A design with softer, more rounded corners and a more prominent chin at the bottom of the display was also hinted at in earlier leaks.

A YouTube channel called Techdrioder released pictures and information on the Pixel 8a, giving users a sneak glance at a black model with noticeably wider bezels, especially at the bottom. Obsidian is likely the name assigned to this dark variant.

Hardware-wise, the Pixel 8a is rumored to include a 6.1-inch display, an upgrade from the 90Hz OLED panel found on the previous generation to a 120Hz panel. It is anticipated to have a dual camera setup on the back, with a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 64-megapixel main sensor.

In addition, the Tensor G3 CPU is anticipated to be present in the device, along with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage in the base model. Additionally, there are speculations of a new 256GB storage option, which would be a first for the A-series.


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