MacBooks vs Touchscreen Laptops: What Apple Thinks

MacBooks vs Touchscreen Laptops: What Apple Thinks

New Delhi. Apple produces the Macs and iPads, and recently, we have witnessed a hardware convergence that has never occurred before. Does this imply Apple intends to combine the iPad and Macs, meaning a touch-screen MacBook may finally be on the horizon?

The business still sees no immediate competition between the iPad and Mac, and it is clear about how it intends to market both devices. There have been recent rumors that Apple is genuinely working on a touch-screen MacBook, but a top official has once again dashed the fanboys' enthusiasm.

According to a remark from Tom Boger, vice president of product marketing for the iPad and Mac, Macs will not enable touch displays, at least not in near future.

Apple and tech revilation!

In an interview, a top Apple executive went into great detail regarding the most recent modifications and also discussed the rationale behind the iPad Air's inclusion in the lineup. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, Greg Joswiak, stated that the "Air" iPad essentially offers Pro-only functionality at a reduced cost. Therefore, most consumers will find the 13-inch iPad Air to be sufficient if they do not require an OLED display or the newest M4 chipset.

Touch support for Macs

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal last week, Boger made the point that since the iPad has always been a touch-first product, touch support for Macs is practically ruled out. Even worse, he said that MacBooks are only meant to be used indirectly—that is, in conjunction with a keyboard and mouse.

All things considered, a touchscreen MacBook is not the most novel concept that has been discussed for years. Since Windows laptops have been available with touch screens for a while now, and considering the cost of modern Macs, significant hardware upgrades—aside from the addition of the new M-series silicone—are clearly required.

Apple has also discussed the rationale behind the release of the new iPad Air and Pro models, as well as their differences. Most people are perplexed by the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models, particularly in light of the fact that the 2024 iPad Pro is now thinner and lighter than the 2024 iPad Air model.


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