OnePlus Might Be Launching a Phone That Connects to Satellites

OnePlus Might Be Launching a Phone That Connects to Satellites

New Delhi. Before the much-anticipated launch of OnePlus's alleged next-gen handset, leaked renders of the OnePlus 13 have stirred excitement online. But while we await the future, the current flagship, OnePlus 12, might be in for a game-changing upgrade with the upcoming major OS update. Rumors suggest that the latest Android 15 Beta on the OnePlus 12 could introduce a revolutionary feature - satellite connectivity. This intriguing possibility has surfaced amid Google's rollout of Android 15 Beta 2 across various Android devices, including OnePlus.

According to a report by Android Authority, OnePlus might be gearing up to introduce satellite connectivity in its smartphones. A tweet by X user OneNormalUsername (@1NormalUsername) shed light on the OnePlus 12 Settings app found in the Android 15 Beta, hinting at a section labeled "Satellite mobile phone."

Parallel discoveries

Interestingly, a similar set of codes discovered in the Settings app of Oppo Find N3, coinciding with the latest Android 15 Beta release, also points towards potential satellite connectivity. The shared presence of the phrase "satellite mobile phone" in both the OnePlus 12 and Oppo Find N3 codes fuels speculation about upcoming smartphone capabilities.

Google's satellite connectivity support

Google's recent confirmation of satellite connectivity support in Android 15 underscores the growing importance of this feature. Users in areas with limited terrestrial network coverage can benefit from enhanced communication capabilities, including SMS and MMS transmission.

The debut of the Oppo Find X7 Ultra's Satellite Edition in China hints at a growing trend towards satellite-enabled smartphones. As the industry embraces this technology, OnePlus's potential venture into satellite connectivity opens doors to a new era of mobile communication.

Official confirmation awaits

While OnePlus is yet to officially confirm the development of a OnePlus 12 variant featuring satellite communication, enthusiasts eagerly await further announcements. If these reports hold true, such a variant could possibly hit the market later this year, potentially extending beyond China's borders.


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