Smartphone Freezing Up? Conquer Hanging Issues with These Simple Fixes!

Smartphone Freezing Up? Conquer Hanging Issues with These Simple Fixes!

New Delhi. These days we are using our smartphones more than ever. Most of our work has gone mobile and our smartphones, apart from our laptops, are helping us stay connected with our work life. Not only that, but smartphones also play a major role in enhancing our social life. With all this, most of us want a fast and lag-free smartphone experience. 

If the smartphone is hanging excessively then it can cause you a lot of trouble. The problem of smartphone hanging can waste anyone's time, and it can also damage your device. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some very easy tricks which you should try to solve the problem of smartphone hanging.

Reasons of hanging issues in your phone

Old software

Low memory

Use more apps

Virus or malware infection

If your smartphone is also hanging then you can solve this problem by adopting these tricks:

Restart your phone

Restarting the phone is the easiest and most effective way to solve the problem of smartphone hanging. This refreshes the memory of your phone and it starts working normally again.

Close apps which is running in backgrounds

Even when you are not using an app, it keeps running in the background. Due to this, your phone's memory fills up and it starts hanging. Therefore, you should close the apps running in the background.

Uninstall unwanted apps

There may be many apps in your phone that you do not use. Uninstalling such apps frees up your phone's memory and processor, thereby saving it from the problem of hanging.

Update your software

Mobile companies release software updates for their phones from time to time. These updates include many new features as well as bug fixes. Therefore, it is important to keep your phone's software updated.

Factory reset in your phone

If you have adopted all the tricks mentioned above and your phone is still hanging, then you may have to factory reset the phone. This will delete all the settings and data of your phone, so take a backup of your important data beforehand.


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