Why Air Conditioners Explode and How to Keep Yours Safe

Why Air Conditioners Explode and How to Keep Yours Safe

New Delhi. Are you concerned about air conditioner's safety? Air conditioners provide a steady and reliable source of cool air, no matter the time of the year. However, any electronic item, which is not handled properly and is used carelessly, can malfunction and even explode.

The same can happen with ACs being used indiscriminately in homes. It is important to keep all the important things in mind while installing the air conditioner, otherwise it can cause damage.

Most of the incidents of fire are heard while using second hand air conditioner, using old AC and using rented AC. By now you too must have read and seen about many such cases, in which major accidents occurred due to AC.

But if timely attention is paid and some precautions are taken, such incidents can be avoided. Air conditioners have become an essential part of our lives, especially in summer. But do you know that there can be a risk of blast in air conditioners too? This is a rare incident, but it is important to know how this can happen and how it can be prevented.

How to be safe from it

Electrical Safety: Make sure that the installation of the air conditioner has been done by a professional electrician and keep checking the electrical safety from time to time.

Regular Maintenance: It is important to get the air conditioner maintained regularly by a qualified technician, especially when the AC is rented from a local provider. Apart from this, servicing of AC is necessary after about 600 hours of use.

Leakage Check: If you smell gas coming from the air conditioner, immediately switch it off and call a technician.

Avoid excessive use: Obviously the use of AC increases in extreme heat, but it should not be used with excessive cooling and for a long time.

Correct use of turbo mode: Once the room cools down, turbo mode should be turned off and the AC should be run at normal speed, otherwise the load on the compressor increases.

Reason of ac explosion?

Electrical malfunction- Bad wiring, loose connection or short circuit can cause blast in the air conditioner.

Gas leakage: If there is gas leakage in the refrigeration system of the air conditioner and the gas comes in contact with any flammable source, an explosion can occur.

Overheating: If the air conditioner is turned on too hard or is not cooling properly, it can overheat and explode.

Malfunction in maintenance: If the air conditioner is not maintained regularly and is not serviced on time, it may cause malfunction which may lead to explosion.

Misuse of Turbo Mode: Turbo mode is usually for fast cooling of AC, its prolonged use is harmful.


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